Highlights from a 12-page booklet sent to prospective clients as part of a marketing kit. Created at the height of the pandemic, we wanted to push the metaphor of "a ship sailing safely to shore." Incorporating vintage-style nautical illustration for a classic look in combination with modern design styles. Responsible for cover design and collaboration on interior layout and graphic choices.
Designs created as part of the welcome package for the 2019 Life Celebration Talkshop Walkshopa three-day training trip in Manhattan. Clients were presented with a set of branded materials including notebooks, itinerary booklets, contact cards, name tags, etc. to utilize throughout the event. Creative direction was inspired by the city and the high-end locations and events showcased throughout the trip. 
Responsible for Cover Design, Layout & Content Updates throughout 38 page Life Celebration Inc. Catalog. This catalog is given to current and prospective clients as an introduction and reference for the range of products and services available. Our goal in the design update was to refresh outdated content and add impact with a more dynamic layout and the addition of QR codes, turning the catalog into an interactive experience for the client. 

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